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Cost of Services

What are our rates?

Our labor rates have stayed the same since November of 2003. We try very hard to keep the rates as low as possible. The following are our labor rates

In-store labor rates

We charge $70.00 per hour for all labors rates in our facility. We have a 1/2 hour minimum charge on all work. You will have to prepay a one hour rate ($70.00) upon check-in unless we determine that it will not take any longer than 1/2 hours

We will call you with an estimate if it is going to take longer than 1.5 hours to fix and give you the opportunity to discuss alternative options. Rest of payment due upon completion of work

Off-Site labor rates

We charge $90.00 per hour for all labor rates performed at your location. You are charged for time on-site and driving time. If you live outside of the Fallon area you will be charged milage fees also.

Overtime rates

After hours is billed at one and a half times the normal labor rates
Weekend and Holiday rates are billed at 2 times the normal labor rates
If you need to expedite and move your computer up in the repair que you can do that by paying one and a half the normal labor rate.

Approximate times of fixes

Viruses and Spyware

Generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours to remove most viruses and malware. (Depending on type of infection) ($105.00 - $140.00). If during the first 1/2 hour we find that your computer is loaded up with vast amounts of Malware or Viruses we will call to see if you may want a wipe and reload of the Operation system. Then you would only pay for the first 1/2 hour for the scans and cost of Windows reload

Windows reload

The time it takes to reload windows on your computer is determined by the speed of the computer and availability of the drivers. If you have the original (driver) disks that came with your computer then it will take less time to reload. Average time is 1 - 2 hours from start to finishe. We load the Operation system, drivers, updates, security patches, java, adobe, anti-virus, and most other programs that you require.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a very time consuming project. You may be billed up to 5 hours of labor depending on size of files and device recovering from

Password Cracking

We are able to crack most passwords, Windows, Excel, Word, Quickbooks, etc. You will have to proof that you are the legal owner of the computer or file. Costs vary according to what program or Operating system needs to be cracked.

Discounted Rates

Contract Labor Rates

Offsite $90.00 / hour
20-44 hours per Invoice    $85.00 / hour payable up front
50-71 hours per Invoice    $80.00 / hour payable up front
76-93 hours per Invoice    $75.00 / hour payable up front
100 + hours per Invoice    $70.00 / hour payable up front

Hours cannot be transferred to purchasing of equipment.
Hours cannot be transferred to another person or organization
Hours start at payment and must be used up to 2 years.
Contracted work will receive priority calls
Hours do not include Weekend rates or after hour rates (Good for 9am -5:30pm M-F )
Weekend and after hours will rate at double time. (Charged 2 hours for every hour worked.)

Payment must be received prior to any work! PO's will be acceptable to start work. Payment against PO must be received within 30 days
Hours billed will not be changed after work is started. (ie. After being called on site and working over 20 hours on a job customer cannot say he will pay the $85.00 / hour rate. )
Rate increases will not affect your hours.

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