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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I purchased my system from someplace else and they are out of business? Can you help me to fix it?

Most computers come with parts that are warrantied by the manufacturer. If those parts are still under warranty we can send, or help you send them back to the manufacturer for a replacement. If they are not under warranty then we can sell you the parts that you need. This would not be a warranty repair and you would be charged for parts and labor. It is always best to purchase computers from reliable sources. Comp-U-Build Computers, Inc. has been in business since 1991 and have established ourselves in Fallon by buying our building to give peace of mind that we are planning on being here for a long time

Do you perform warranty work from Dell, HP, or anyone else

We are not a repair facility for any other brand of computer. We have had those brands ask us to replace a part or two and they paid us. Also we have had 3rd parties for those brands pay us to repair the computer. That would have to be setup between you and your computer reseller

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